Friday, January 27, 2012


I am tired. But somehow, everything's worth it.


I'm tired.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Walk to Remember

It seems like I'm having a lot of spare times these days. Yup. Being officially unemployed AGAIN, what do you expect? But this time of unemployment has been doing a lot of differences. Well, I still make quite a lot of money every month. I still have enough money to live here. Thanks to god. :)

So today, I spent my daytime watching movies and go and visit my dear Zai at his workplace. Oh ya He's doing part time job while waiting for internship placement which will be announced very soon. Good luck with that dear!

So today, I watched a movie called A Walk to Remember which I was told by my junior when I was in high school 7 years ago that the movie is an interesting movie and my reaction was what-are -you-talking-about-kid reaction. I was seventeen and she was hmmm wait she was...fifteen. I guess. But now I feel like I wanna go to facebook and search for her account and utterly thanked her for suggesting that. HAHA. 

A Walk to Remember is a great movie. I admit I cried over a scene where Landon Carter ask her mom a favor to teach him how to dance and he finally get to dance with Jamie. You know. That makes him b e the sweetest guy ever. Learn how to do something for your loved one is sweet. I mean so sweet.And there's another scene when Landon propose to Jamie. But yeah~ of course it will be one of the sweetest scene. Any movie. I know. :)

Congratulations Mandy Moore and Shane West. I love it. :)

OK guys, that's all for today! :)

p/s: but my fav romantic movie is still TITANIC. I watch them for million times!  :D

Monday, January 16, 2012


semakin hari semakin kecewa. semakin hari semakin ada saja berita tak baik. semakin hari semakin tua. semakin hari semakin hari dan semakin hari. banyak merungut tak bagus. space u8 dah buka. jom kesana. tapi tak tahu bila. cehhh. hmmm. but looking at the good side, i will be having a new spectacles tomorrow after been through lots of ups and downs with the cyclop dont have any idea of  how i love you miss cyclop...InsyaAllah. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

this shit

Everything seems to be wrong. I check my emails today with hopes but luckily not high hopes and I am true. Its a disappointment. OK. I'm done with that. What you were saying last year maybe true. You're winning don't you. He told me that this life isn't a game and not a competition.  And I don't know what I'm thinking...............

OK actually I've been cheated and I am feeling cheated right now. And this is totally a disaster. I didn't expect this after I've made a perfect preparation for this call. Shit. I hate this. The program that used to call it unplanned plan has already been not part of my plan this year. I hate this shit

But I'm not gonna give in.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Unwanted Post

This is what I wanna say. When you have your own business like, a real business you have to put EXTRAORDINARY EFFORT every day. In fact, every second of your day. Sleepless is normal. Fatigue is something is on your own risk and please. Check on your staff regularly at least once a day to know what's her needs, what she's been doing. Fuck. She is your employee. The one who works for you. That benefits you A LOT. She the one who's making SALES and PROFIT to your company. Come on. Take care of her, you'll be safe. Your dream will come true. Please. Don't be afraid to invest on her. She will help you after she feel comfortable working with you. She'll give you something in return. But you seem so....what we call that. SELFISH. And bye for now. 


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. It is not too late for the wishes right? Yeah, We are still in the first week of the new year,yeah. Still not to late. So, lets not to late for a new resolutions. :)

Oh ya, speaking about 2012...I went to for a briefing about a job camp today. Yeah, quite interesting. I think I'm in. That's my first unplanned plan for 2012. Looks like the plan is gonna be the first on the list. That was so unplanned. Attending the course and after 5 weeks  later I will get suitable that suit my cert.  Sound so simple and easy. But I know it won't be that easy. Just be prepared for everything and let's learn from mistakes. I've done a lot of mistakes in 2011 and now I'm not going to repeat them. I'm gonna take a turn to the better, stand out. Again. Fix everything that I have destroyed.

Okay, enough for career. I pray for a better life financially secure and good health for myself and my family too.   When you have a stable career with a stable income and you wisely managed your income, you'll sure you have the financial secure. Good health for my parents of course. My mother's cancer surgery is scheduled at the end of March or early April. somewhere at that time. Praying for the best for her. InsyaAllah. She's a strong person. I know it. I'm the one who cry over that matter. Seeing her hair loss, getting thinner. But, she look normal and happy. I hope she will be happier this year. 

Relationships. :)
Hoping for the best, we're making a move to something that we have been dream of since the last 5 years of relationships. Zai is getting serious and I don't know. I can't say that too much. I'm a girl. He's the one who should everything that boys should do. Girls should be better waiting and pusssshhhingg. HAHA. I don't know. Ask him. *supan*

Well, thats all for 2012 kick off. Its 6.45pm. Gotta go for evening walk. a virtual one. bye! :D